Doing Guitar Amp Repair with your Azawakh & Galgo

This blog is definitely all things about Azawakh’s and Galgo’s and everything we love to do with them. Hell, If I could take Buster on that Virgin Galactic shuttle, I would. Too bad that thing does not travel out to moon. Maybe I would send my wife there.

Anyway, like I said this is all things Galgo’s and Azawakh’s. Other dogs are just to plain. I love hanging with my Galgo as I do guitar amp repair. It is so cool hearing the dog’s hilarious howl as I work on my kickin audio amplifiers.


That drunk acting Buster just rolls all over the carpet. Luckily when I do a sound check at a Long Island studio it does not matter when my galgo howls.

Because of my constant playing it just going to happen when something gets blow and I need to do guitar amplifier repair surgery. Because that is what it is. I actually love tinkering with anything electro-mechanical, as it help keeps my mental acuity in check.

So Buster and I go from club to club, sound studio to sound studio through Nassau County NY and Suffolk County NY. Where is that you ask? You obviously have not read anything before to be asking yourself such a silly question. It is a pretty busy schedule and I need to make sure I bring Buster play things as he will get pretty bored and start annoying the crap out of me.

Anyway I will repair my guitar amp no matter what Buster thinks Yea, I actually give crap what I dog thinks. Yea.. he may piss and moan because he hates it when I do bass amp repair, but hell.

If he is going to be roadie with me here on Long Island, he just better like it.

One day when I was jamming in a  studio in Ronkonkoma, Suffolk ny, it just was not sounding right. My Galgo was pretty down on himself. He was not even howling like he normally does. I thought I was hitting all the right chords. After playback it sounded pretty crappy.

This time I did not know if I was going to do the audio amplifier repair myself. Time to outsource like so many of corporate America does.

Now. I just realized in my articles I do not talk about my Azawakh Rudy. Now just in case none of you know  what an Azawakh is, it is a sighthound dog breed native to Africa. Hey, if you read this blog long enough you will see I do not like anything being average or ho hum.

Rudy also travels with me and Buster throughout L.I.. Hey, they are man’s best friend and very unique like me. When go to the studios, it bring attention to them. Also, the babes love them.