Using Galgo’s as mascots for tree service companies. Is it worth the trouble?

We all love dogs. Well except for the cat lovers. Remember growing up and and having those images of lassie. So powerful, so majestic so loving.

galgo as mascot

Why are dogs called man’s best friend? Well is that because women talk to much? Is that because we get bored easily and we need something to do.

Well dogs are proof pudding, that cable tv is definitely not enough. We need more than one thousand reruns of Gilligan’s Island to fill that void all men have that a woman cannot fill.

That is that deep primal instinct men have. To run in the wild. To let out the beast in us.

We can do that very effectively with our primal soul mate. That beast of course is the dog. What about using a dog as a mascot for a tree service company

Which type of dog makes the best mascot, which one of them can be trained to love trees, not just pee all over them and represent a company like the one you will  find at Long Island Tree Service.

There a different breeds out that are out there that you can run and play with in a forest or just in a group of trees.

The Labrador is a great dog to train and breed. The are very family friendly and will give you hours of enjoyment. Will the dog be photogenic enough to be a mascot for a tree removal service?

An Irish setter is a great hunting go. Now these dogs love the outdoors and to frolick throughout the forest. Jumping around the logs and scampering on the grass.

Also there is the galgo which is a Spanish Great Dane. Now these are truly magnificent dogs.

They have a very high arch in the hind legs. They are thin and exceptionally fit, graceful and just plain beautiful. It would be amazing to watch it as you are trimming trees out in Nassau or Suffolk County.

Galgo’s are used for in various situations. They can be used as hunting dogs. You want to talk about a dog that loves to be around Maples and Oaks. Mainly they are used for rabbit hunting. Not sure why. Maybe it is because of their incredible endurance to keep up with Bugs Bunny. Since they have been bred for endurance hunting works really well for them.

It does not make a difference what type of dog you choose for your tree company or any other type of company. There are so many great breeds that it could literally take forever to pick the right one. Just think of the job you need it for. Is it hunting, racing, companionship, family friendly or a combination of qualities.  I just prefer galgo’s

Traditional greyhounds don’t hunt rabbits, they chase them. There is actually an old Bugs Bunny cartoon in which bugs fell in love with a mechanical rabbit. Ah Bugs. If he only knew that he was a model for today’s weirdness. From being a cross dresser to loving a robot. What picture of society that this gave.

Anyway, without getting too of track, greyhounds can run and are very competitive.

Also, I nearly forgot. Dogs as mascot for tree service firms.. Well, it is obvious dogs like trees because they go to the bathroom on them. So I guess the biggest thing is once you decide which dog will be your mascot, how will they fit into representing your company.

The Northeast will be the superb place to develop your friendship with your canine friend. There is just so much wooded areas life in such as the Pine Barrens located in Long Island.

Here is where you and your buddy can run, camp, fish and just have a great time in all of the wooded areas.

When it is all said and done and the evening is coming to a close, you and your dog and hang a campfire and continue bonding as only a dog and his master can.