Getting Mold Remediation to Protect the Galgos & Azawakh’s

When you are looking for thorough mold remediation, and have a Galgo, children or any other type of pet, what do you do? There are many companies in New York City that do some sort of mold removal service.  Some companies are do it as an add on service and others, such as My Mold Removal NYC, is all that they do.

mold remediation new york city

One thing about this company is that since they specialize in it. They look at the total picture.

Is this a household or a business. Are there children or pets involved. You love your Galgo and your kids, so not only you want to get rid of the harmful mold, whether black, green or white, but you also want to make sure that the mold testing is effective before and after the mold removal process is completed.

So to protect your galgo and your kids, you want to make sure that any professional mold service use the latest technology in air quality testing.

My Mold Removal NYC has some really cool tools. Hey, I had a serious mold problem and I need to know how bad it was.

I actually found the mold by accident. In my basement, I started a new project at home renovating the basement. Pulling down the old hanging ceiling a noticed something that looked like matted hair.

Black mold is pretty nasty and very unhealthy. I have seen it before at a commercial property so I can have had an idea as to black mold looked like.

it was important to have mold testing done throughout the house. This intense level of mold inspection is extremely important in order to develop the proper mold remediation plan

With all of the galgos and azawakh’s on the property, I did not want the threat of mold around.

We normally just worry about all of the vet bills, food, insects, such as bee’s. You would never think that a serious mold issue would develop such as this.

Maybe in the future, I will purchase a mold tester so I can my own air quality testing.

So the folks from My Mold Removal NYC came to the house and started to do their thing. It is important the mold testing is done in every nook and cranny of the house. You cannot just look at the obvious area that you see the mold.

When you can see it there is much more mold that is hidden. The last thing you want when you hire a mold removal service is that some of that mold is left behind.

So this professional looking tech’s went through the entire house. They needed to put the sensors behind the walls to look for that nasty mold beast. This is when air quality testing has to be at it’s best. The mold detector has to be able to read even slight traces of black mold.

My Mold Removal NYC was pretty thorough in the level of testing that the performed. They were able to remove all of the mold with a 99% assurance that it was gone.


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