Galgo rescued by HVAC Repair Company on Long Island

The dog is known as the man’s best friend. However, the Galgos or the hunting dogs of Spain seem to have been viciously betrayed. In Spain, this Spanish greyhound is used to hunt hares across the countryside.

Rick from Long Island HVAC Repair has take a special interest in them and has even adopted a Galgo from Spain. There were many reasons why. If he could not save them all, he could save at least one.


Most of them spend their entire life in some dirty and tiny holes and shacks as they serve their masters faithfully. Unlike other dog breeds, there are a few Galgos that are kept as pets by their masters. Thus, only a few get to get a full day’s meal, love, and affection. Many of the others are fed with stale bread and water and disposed of once the hunting season is over.

People in the galgos native land view galgos as second class animals. Many of them see them as an extra baggage or too expensive to maintain once they are not hunting. For this reason, many of them do not see two hunting seasons in a row. The worst part of their lives is that they are destroyed in some of the most inhumane ways known to man. This includes hanging, shooting, burning to death or being thrown into abandoned wells.

It is a custom for many years down the line for galgueros to kill the greyhounds through torture as a retribution to poor hunting. The poor reasoning among the hunters is that by torturing them, they will wash away the shame that the dogs brought to their masters.

This custom of ‘honor killing is one of the most gruesome ones in the human history. One of the most common ones is hanging the greyhound by the neck just a feet above the ground and make fun of it as it struggles to breathe. This torture is called the piano dance. The dance is the struggle as the dog tries to fight for its life.

In reality, these are acts of sadism that no dog should ever be subjected to. Other terrifying ways of honor killing is to drag the dogs behind cars, burning the dogs with concentrated acid, skinning the dogs alive or sacrificing the dogs to get killed by the fighting dogs.

The sick torture starts before they actually hunt

The hunters deliberately starve the dogs to make them hungry for prey. In fact, most of them are very weak when hunting for hares. This often leads to poor hunting.

Good hunters are not spared either. They are not violently slain like the poor greyhounds. However, they are chained in some underground bunkers for months with little or no food waiting for the next hunting season. The bunkers are soiled with feces Most of them die of infection in the cells.

Hopefully, this blog post has really opened your eyes to the suffering many of these majestic animals go through. Do what Rick did. If you are a dog lover, adopt a Galgo.