See your Galgo through Beautiful Window Tinting

Galgo’s are pretty awesome. How much more awesome is to view them after a window tinting process as been completed at your residence. Well’ why not if anything you may want to get tint on all of you home windows anyways as to help shade your beloved dog.


Well, galgo are pretty durable so there is not a lot you need to worry about but if you are like me and totally hate the intense sun rays then I am also going to get some car window tinting completed because me and my pooch and want to stay cool.

I know that you may say, what about when you are walking them. Unless it is the winter time, assuming you live somewhere it is cold then you are going to get some baking from the sun.

Well I live in Long Island so, it is not so bad in the winter, but I would still want my house to have tinted windows just because how intense the sun is.

Any I would rather speak about my galgo and our romps in the Long Island woods then about a making all of my widows dark. But traveling out to the North Fork with my during the sunset is totally cool but hey, do those UV strips on the top really work.

Now I know we are barred from law from having window tints on the front glass, but I wonder if the cars that I see constantly do it are getting away with it. They must be because I see some of the same cars on the road.

Okay, Let me not get too caught up because this is about my galgo, Buster, not my bickering about the sun as we travel throughout Nassau and Suffolk County.

So in conclusion to my rant, I will get my windows tinted as dark as can be and hopefully I will not get pulled over by the cops